About Us

We are a couple currently testing the waters of financial independence.  I worked as a service industry professional for 15 years.  Towards the end of my tenure, I finally reached a mid-six-figure salary, which I enjoyed for a few years.  In 2014, we reached bare-bones financial independence in our very expensive part of the U.S.  A few months later, we decided to hop off the full-time career track to pursue our interests.

The Mission

Now that our focus is no longer on charging hard in our careers, we want to move forward with our lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way.  Do we go back to our careers making the big bucks and being treated like important people?  Or do we work part-time in our current fields, or shift to entirely new ones?  Do we dedicate our lives to volunteer work, travel, or the pursuit of hobbies?  How about settling down and raising a family?  Unless we change the way we think and react, a lot of our choices will revolve around our appetite for risk and the loss of long-term earning potential.

What to Expect from this Blog

This blog will discuss a variety of topics from practical personal finance issues to the metaphysical.  We hope you will join us on our journey charting our path to the good life!